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Picky and Restricted Eaters Informational Session

To register for the Picky and Restricted Eaters Parent Informational Session, click the link or scan the QR Code in the flyer.

In this informational session, we will discuss characteristics and the impact of picky and restricted eating. Dr. Courtney will also share information about an upcoming 8-week interactive, educational workshop for parents of picky and restricted eaters.

There will be time at the end devoted for Q&A. Please email questions to before the session.
Please Note: Educational workshops are not therapy. You and/or your child will not be given a mental health diagnosis and notes will not be taken on you or your child regarding mental health. There is not a CPT code for insurance reimbursement for workshops and Integrated Behavioral Health, PLLC does not process insurance. This is an educational workshop. Follow-up therapy appointments can be scheduled as desired.
Courtney Lynn, PhD

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